IBN International has been helping thousands of corporate entities, big and small. Essentially, we deem our business intelligence training to be successful only when we see visible signs of your teams recording optimal levels of performance with confidence and ease.

Since 2001, IBN International has been playing an active role in igniting the desired behavioral changes in people, helping our clients to attain the desired performance levels in their teams. We enable organizations to manage and improve the collective skills, knowledge and performance of their people. Our customer base who have experienced powerful knowledge transfers consists of more than 6000 organizations where we were fortunate to stamp our footprint in over 16 countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Turkey and Australia.

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Our international presence mooted us to rebrand Intelligence Business Networks to IBN International.Over the years, we have built a consistent track record in developing and delivering people development programs in the areas of Individual Performance, Leadership Effectiveness and Team Synergy. We also provide Executive Coaching to help senior executives to be even better team leaders.

Today, IBN International exists to Create Inspired Learning Experiences. It’s this pragmatic idealism that continues to place people at the core of our business, whether it’s the staff or the clients that we get to work with. It’s not just about work, it’s about our lives as a whole. We’ve found that if our people grow, so too will the business they engage in. And as we live and work with hope, joy, courage, and purpose, we believe those we serve will catch it too.

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What do we stand for?

All actions and decisions at IBN are driven by our core values that are treasured by all in our team.

Our Values (C.A.R.E)

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    Our Customer-Centricity touch prevails at every contact point with internal and external stakeholders

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    Our Accountability is solely focused on best business and financial results for our clients

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    We believe Results-Driven culture should emerge from within in order for us to cultivate quantifiable results across all our trainings

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    Empathy & Care

    We Empathize to make our customers feel valued when they talk to us


"We will be the most preferred and comprehensive provider of personal, professional and organizational EFFECTIVENESS solutions."


“Our mission is to make individuals and organizations measurably more effective. Because we OWE it to our employees, customers and stakeholders.”

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Why are we different?

IBN International has earned a first-rate reputation amongst prominent MNCs, SMEs, SMIs and government agencies across Asia, The Middle East and Eastern Europe. Thanks to our C.A.R.E values, we bring unrivaled benefits to your business.