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IBN International is a training firm anchored by a group of experienced and trained professionals who are dedicated and determined to deliver enduring results to businesses across Asia Pacific and The Middle East. Together, we deliver value across boundaries, develop insights through well-researched content, and energize teams via interactive knowledge transfer methods. We’re passionate about always doing the right thing for our clients. 

IBN International was founded in 2002 on the principle that clients should get results – not just training – from their world-class faculties. Our mission is to deliver true results that are pragmatic and action-oriented, enduring and repeatable. Our team works along with our faculty of trainers to turn your specific challenges into concrete actions.

IBN International approaches every client’s issues as if it were our own. We believe that a training firm should be more than just a delivery platform. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, align our trainings with their objectives, and collaborate to help unlock the full potential of their people. This builds deep and lasting relationships.

IBN International events are known for providing prime intelligence and network gaining platform to a highly influential group of corporate professionals. Thus, completing our vision and aspiration of making IBN International into world – class leaders in business intelligence. We are eager to help drive change with your organization – Speak To Us!



Commitment to highest quality, professionalism and maximum return for investment
Deep intellectual honesty, we deliver what we promise
Openness to the 1% possibility that we could fail in our attempt to delivery
More than 200 focused courses, presented by active practitioners from the leading and most innovative firms in your sector
Focused targeted delegation in your specific area of interest; ensuring you make the connections before , during and after the conference
Prime city center venues to ensure your event experience is as convenient as possible
Pre and Post Training Support, Assessments and Access to Materials to ensure continues learning



Our training courses are available face to face in a live classroom setting in major cities throughout Asia Pacific and The Middle East and also as an    in-house in the convenience of your place of business. All our training courses and conferences are led by industry expert and hands-on pros who have been in the field and who practice what they teach. Attendees of IBN International’s events benefit from unbiased practices, proven strategies, and lessons learned in the real-world.

IBN International’s program development experts take the time to listen and to understand the unique needs of your organization. Information gathered through the discovery process becomes the foundation of a practical and impactful learning solution. These include:

off-the-shelf – select from wide range of ready-made, highly targeted curriculum
tailored – modify a ready-made program with discussions and exercises focusing on business context
custom-designed – design a program to address unique and specific business goals and/or needs of your organization

For anyone in any organization, IBN International has a learning path that will meet your unique needs. Choose from our 430 technical and core-skills Public Training Programs or our exclusive In-House Training Programs, and be confident that the knowledge and skills needed to succeed will be well within your grasp. IBN International can also provide a custom tailored learning solution to meet the specific learning needs of individuals and businesses.

IBN International provides the outstanding instructors and facilities expected of a world-class business and learning institution and we take great strength from our long and short term affiliation with some of the world’s prestigious universities, leading consultancies, professional consortiums and business associations.

Our programs are designed to bring advanced knowledge directly to you. To step onto the path toward your goals, just choose a program and get ready to shape your future. IBN International continues to lead the way with new and innovative ways to further assist and empower your team with the best learning experience in the industry.

We guarantee an ROI on your training investment by ensuring that our training deliver real business outcomes for the “Perfect Business Balance”.