1 & 2 April 2020, Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

To grow in today’s global, competitive environment, businesses have to think differently about the role procurement plays in developing and maintaining supplier relationships. It has become imperative for companies to develop successful supplier negotiation strategies to thrive in the market. Supplier negotiation has become an intrinsic part of the supply chain process, and for a lot of companies, this could be the most critical process in the whole chain. Improved negotiation performance achieves the following: Lower overall cost of supply – Better quality, durability and performance – Shorter lead times – Fewer disputes with suppliers – Contracts that are implemented more effectively and on schedule – Improved supplier reliability and service.

This Masterclass provides a novel, detailed and comprehensive approach to the art of negotiation in a practical, easy-to-digest approach. If you are in a buying role, this Masterclass will increase your confidence and transform your ability to secure winning outcomes for business results, even when up against a formidable opponent.

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