11th - 12th MARCH 2019 , KUALA LUMPUR

Asset management becomes a gripping topic when expensive, vital or potentially dangerous items vanish from an organization’s inventory. In today’s volatile climate, with depressed market ageing assets, your asset team is faced with the challenging task of making sure that your assets system delivers optimal performance, control operational cost throughout the asset’s life cycle, and effectively managing the risk involved. Fixed Asset Tracking provides data on the location, quantity and condition of a company’s physical property, but Fixed Asset Management takes that data a step further to include analysis, predictions, and assessments of the assets for the purpose of financial accounting.

Attend this 2-day master class to drive profitability of your business by tracking, analyzing and manipulating fixed assets to meet your specific needs. The aim of this course is to provide a thorough working knowledge of all aspects of the management of physical assets to those managers and directors who have responsibility for the delivery of company objectives associated with the effective acquisition, deployment, operation and maintenance of organization assets.

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