23rd - 24th JANUARY 2019 , KUALA LUMPUR

The internet and social media have made customers more networked and connected than ever, and their influence is continuously increasing. Today’s connected customers expect to resolve their inquiry or problem on the first contact regardless of what contact channel they choose to use.

Creating, enabling and nurturing a stellar Customer Experience (CX) Journey is what separates those that lead and innovate from those that fall behind. Competing on customer experience strategy is not ‘just a new coat of paint on an old strategy’. It’s a transformational shift in how businesses compete. This CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT(CXM) DESIGN & INNOVATION workshop brings together all key aspects of strategic design and control, and involves the full spectrum of the company from R&D to customer service. This practical workshop will showcase real case examples from leading companies like Amazon, Apple, Starbucks and many more.

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