7 - 8 MAY 2018 , KUALA LUMPUR

An hour of unscheduled shutdown can cost a high volume manufacturer a million dollars. The mark of a well-managed maintenance operations department is the ability to decrease costs without negatively impacting day-to-day operations or customer satisfaction. To accomplish this, it is important to know where to look for ways maintenance costs can be lowered, and to have the tools to process and analyze the data gathered in order to correctly identify opportunities for cost savings.

Maintenance statistics reveal that 10% or less of industrial equipment ever reaches the wear-out stage. Therefore, about 90% of the mechanical failures are “personnel avoidable events.” This figure means the human being has intervened in some manner to prevent the wear-out stage from being attained. Engineers and supervisors of maintenance departments in addition to technical skills to repair the equipment’s, must learn modern maintenance management techniques for effective functioning of the department

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