22nd - 23th April 2019 , KUALA LUMPUR

Procurement professionals around the world stand on the threshold of a new age. The continued push to cut costs and reduce risk means that procurement departments need to constantly rethink and redefine their procurement strategies.New and revolutionary concepts are spinning from the frenzied technological leaps of our time; especially in digital transformation. Chief Procurement Officers must balance two equally important imperatives; they need to adopt digital procurement technologies even as they sustain traditional procurement methods. Both digital and traditional procurement will be sources of significant value.

Applying ‘Lean and Operational Procurement’ philosophies across the Supply Chain can help organizations and departments who are looking to cut costs, improve efficiency to help them continue to compete in a challenging market place. From its roots in automotive manufacturing, lean management has expanded quickly through much of modern business, from manufacturing-related functions such as maintenance and R&D to industries as varied as healthcare and financial services. Whatever the concept has touched, it has transformed, delivering dramatic improvements in productivity and quality while empowering employees to continually improve the systems in which they work. Lean Procurement can go beyond the manufacturing vertical, all the way to the supply base. It is applicable to all industries, both in manufacturing and the services sector. Adapting a lean procurement strategy can yield fantastic results financially and operationally.

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