3rd - 4th APRIL 2019 , KUALA LUMPUR

Participation in an IBN Global designed workshop obviously offers the expected theoretical and practical application of the subject matter. Learning methodology include lectures, supported by illustrations and interactive discussions, and power-point presentation. This course will use illustrative financial statements to illustrate the practical transition, development and application of Accrual Accounting

The decision to adopt an accrual-basis accounting system is one journey while the path toward proper implementation, however, is another endeavor all together. This is a significant shift for the federal and state governments (and their related agencies, statutory bodies and authorities) who have long used a system of modified cash accounting. It can often take several years to implement change on such a scale, and even longer to ingrain and institutionalise within the government. Time will be needed to change mindsets, instil a sense of fiscal discipline and reskill public servants to have the necessary skills and expertise

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