“Game On” Sales Strategist

With over 20 years of sales experience and having trained more than 2500 sales professionals across industries comprising corporate training,  hospitality, property, manufacturing, insurance, technology and banking industry, Sam brings unequalled level of expertise to his clients, leading  them in the collaborative discovery process that results in strong and distinctive learning and sales results. Sam has successfully spearheaded sales  teams for 18 countries raking in more than USD20 million of sales revenues. His signature programs are branded under “Game On” Sales Series  titled; “Street Smart Sales Strategy”, “Selling in Challenging Times”, “Leading In Challenging Times”. His involvement in sports has enabled him to  incorporate a unique sports-sales mindset approach to drive mental toughness, mind conditioning and deal closing techniques. Sam’s trainings are  known to be practical and street smart. He has worked, survived and excelled in multiple world crisis since 2001 and now the COVID-19. Sam still  SELLS till today to keep himself hyper updated to the current challenging market condition. Sam is the EXCO of the Malaysia Association of  Professional Trainers and Coaches (MAPTaC). He also heads the Bureau for Supply and Logistics Management for the Malaysia Professional Skill  Development Education Association (MASDEA) and helps to market Supply Chain related trainings.

“Game On” Sales Coach

A qualified Lawyer, a highly experienced entrepreneur, and a Certified Executive & Sales Coach, Jaya has over 25 years of industry experience. Jaya  was a Sales Director for a 5 Star Hospitality property and has successfully raked in Millions in yearly sales revenue. She has been in sales, both in  the hospitality and corporate training industry, and has a proven track record in her fields. Jaya holds the prestigious Certified Learning Game  Design Practitioner from the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) where she includes simulation based games in all her  trainings. She is an active member of the Malaysian Association of Professional Trainers and Coaches (MAPTaC) and Malaysian Coaches  Development Council (MCDC). Jaya entices trainees through captivating real-world case studies, inspiring experience, straightforward sales  strategies along with her engaging humor. Some of her achievements include receiving the prestigious ‘YTL President’ Award during her stint with  the YTL Group for her outstanding sales contribution. A mindset expert, Jaya infuses NLP practices and Hypnosis to drive winning mindset to  aspiring and seasoned sales professionals. Jaya holds Degree in Marketing, Psychology, Law and is currently pursuing her Degree in Clinical  Hypnosis from the London College of Hypnosis Asia. Jaya is also a PSMB Certified Trainer. Together with Sam, they bring along 45 years of  Entrepreneurship and Sales experience to their clients.